224 | End of the Year Reflection, 2022

224 | End of the Year Reflection, 2022

Join Angela in this solo episode: End of the Year Reflection, 2022.
In this episode of 2022, Angela shares her own personal reflections from this year, in hopes it inspires you to contemplate and reflect on your own year, how much growth you've experienced, the ways you've expanded, the things that you've let go, and all of the change. We're constantly in transition, and this is a beautiful time of year for reflecting on and celebrating everything we've been through.

We hope this inspires you to do your own reflection of 2022, consider what your biggest lessons were, what you're most grateful for, your biggest blessings, and all the ways you've grown and expanded and really became the next version of yourself this year. Thank you for supporting The Simple Ayurveda Podcast by listening and sharing, and for leaving reviews!
Learn more about:
o Looking back at Angela's chosen word for 2022 and reflecting on biggest overall lesson of the year
?>o A celebration of the Simple Ayurveda Health Counselor Program launch
o Shifting education structures for her children to what's best for them holistically - especially her son with his https://califreestuff.com/blogs/tags/learning">learning differences
o New practices which have created an impactful change in her life
o Getting intentional on being open to receive support in motherhood in ways that may be unconventional or surprising
o Details of Angela's second round of Panchakarma in the fall
o The powerful experience with QHHT
o An entire year of sobriety and the positive impact it had physically and mentally
o Recognizing the ways she got sucked into the modern day political landscape and being intentional with releasing guilt and shame, and shifting back to center
o The free, easy practice that anyone can do to tap in and listen to your body when you're making a decision
Resources Mentioned:
To Be Magnetic https://tobemagnetic.com/
Flower Remedies https://www.alexissmart.com/
Acton Academy https://www.actonacademy.org/
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